Are you a microblading student or professional and want to take your work to the next level?

La Rose Brows & Beauty provides coaching to perfect struggle areas to achieve perfect work.

Take your microblading work to the next level package: $2,500 (includes 3 months of one on one support with models). Must have previous microblading experience.

Properly measure and make eyebrow frame faster.

Achieve proper depth depending on skin type.

Pick the right color.

Learn to work in challenging skin types.

Learn to cover old tattoo with just microblading.

Latest microblading high quality products workshop: $250

Learn about the best microblading products in the market and how to use them to achieve the best microblading results.

How to open a microblading business in Florida guide: $500

Learn about regulations, permits and where to get them.

Learn to be ready for inspection.

Learn about proper hygiene procedure and waste management.

Microblading insurance.

Proper materials

Hyper realistic and advanced microblading hair stroke patterns: $1,500 (Included 3 month one on one support with models, must have previous microblading experience)

Learn hyper realistic and advanced microblading hair stroke patters and how to properly determine the eyebrow spine.