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“BoldBrows” Hyperrealistic Technique

Best of Microblading

BoldBrows microblading technique is the most advanced hair stroke pattern in microblading. This technique recreates the anatomy of the eyebrow by doing hair like strokes that mimic the natural hair growth resulting in natural defined eyebrows. To achieve the right eyebrow shape for you this technique also uses your individual golden ration measurements making a well balanced shape that will enhance your best facial features. La Rose Brows & Beauty uses the highest quality microblading pigments in the market that will result in natural healing color and won’t change color after healing (,green,pink,red). Microblading requires 2 initial sessions and follow up touch ups are recommended 6 months to 1 year and a half depending on the clients skin and after care (some skin types may require more than 2 session). This advanced European technique and products make this the highest quality microblading in Central Florida.

First microblading procedure- $350 -Includes a consultation before the procedure to discuss your overall health, evaluate your skin, discuss the after care process and instructions, and guide your through the process color selection, measurements and eyebrow shape. You will take home after care ointment and instructions.

Second session after 30 days (4 weeks to 12 weeks)- $125 -It takes 30 days for your skin to complete its regenerative process. After this you can have your second session or touch up. During this session we will verify that all the main eyebrow points are still intact and saturate the color in each microblading hair stroke.

Follow up retouch- $150-$250 To keep the color fresh you will need an annual retouch. Depending on your skin type and after care, a follow up can happen from 6 months to 2 years. Its important to follow your after care instructions for longer lasting results.

Please do not wait until you eyebrows fade completely to get a touch up since it will not be considered a touch up but a new session.

*Touch ups can be properly done only by your microblading artists, if you have previous work done by another artist and has faded please contact Rosemarie for an evaluation (additional fee may apply).

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