What is Microblading?


Have you seen perfect eyebrows and wished you were as lucky? Well lets say you are lucky to be living in this new era in eyebrows permanent makeup. The permanent makeup industry has come a long way from those block looking eyebrows from the past and those not so attractive eyeliner shapes. Microblading is the newest technique in the cosmetic permanent makeup. Microblading is a procedure in which the artist draws thin hair like strokes to simulate the natural hair. hair growth making your eyebrows fuller and natural looking.

Microblading must follow many strict rules to obtain quality work. There are many factors that contribute to quality and professional work such as depth, pigment quality, correct stroke filling, correct color selection, eyebrow frame shape, and after care instructions.

Let’s start with depth! A microblading artist uses a manual tool to draw hair like strokes. The artist has complete control of how deep each stroke is made on the skin. A well trained artist can have the correct depth in the skin. Microblading must not penetrate the second layer of skin, if it does it will have negative outcomes in the results. The pigments will bleed and turn color, it will not have a crisp thin line.

Pigments are one of the most important factors to quality work. The main goal of microblading is to mimic the natural hair and to accomplish this it is very important to have quality and well balanced pigments so it can resemble natural hair color and not turn color with time.

After the artist makes the first set of strokes, the artist must go over each stroke to check the depth and pigment amount in each stroke. The amount of times is determined by the type of skin the client has. This will result in proper healing and color retention.

THE FRAME! Making the frame is so so critical for quality work. There are different methods of measuring and making the eyebrow frame before the microblading procedure. The most effective one is using the Phi method. This will assure that every client has the correct shape for their face.

After care instructions are very very critical to obtain good results. The Phi aftercare instructions have been tested and proven to be the most effective after care intrusions for optimal results.