My name is Rosemarie Rivera. I was born in a beautiful place where many vacation, Puerto Rico! I’m delighted to have learn a skill that allows me to express my passions and experience. I have more than 15 years of experience in visual arts and my love for beauty made cosmetic permanent makeup the perfect medium to express my artistic potential. My goal is to provide the best quality work and world class service to each and everyone of you. My passion for education directed me to the best European beauty academy in the world, PhiAcademy. This is where I mastered the skill of microblading and the best of all I learned the newest technique called BoldBrows, making me the third BoldBrows artist in the U.S. and the first artist to provide this technique in Florida and the East coast. Currently, I’m working to earn a Bachelor in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Central Florida and I have a never ending commitment to continue my education in cosmetic permanent makeup to always provide the best quality work to all my clients.

With love,


Rosemarie Rivera

Rosemarie Rivera

Pay with a Smile

Pay with a smile is a mission I have to give out and serve my community. With every paid microblading procedure a microblading procedure will be gifted to someone with a health condition that enables them to have natural eyebrows. To learn more about this mission check out my blog by clicking the button bellow. #eyebrowsforall